What happens To The Birds Before D-Day

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We shall be taking a look at some of the info that you are expected to have when you are on the cockfighting niche.

Mental conditioning

The birds must pass through a mental conditioning process before they are taken out to the battle field. A day before the battle, they will be taken to dark room that will condition them for the best in the battle that lies ahead. The birds are taken out around 3 am early in the morning to the roped square in other to give them time to overcome jet lag.


Birds of battle are given special feeds that will keep them active in battle. There are feeds that will enable them to be active an alive during battle and this must be given to the birds ahead of the battle. It represents part of the preparation for exploits in battle.

Food condition

Make sure the food given to the birds are the ones that is balanced. When the birds are exposed to balanced food; the chances of getting the extra strength to excel in battle will naturally come to them inwards and you can expect a credible performances from such birds of battle. What you are going to get from any bird is a function of the preparation that the bird has gone through in their past.

Winning skill

There is the need to train the rooster in skills needed to achieve the ultimate in battle. When you are partnering on the excellence that come through the likes of; you are going to achieve credible results that mattered in the sector.

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